ReRACK is a flexible, specialty rubber coating that exhibits excellent adhesion to dishwasher and other vinyl-coated racks.

How To Use:

  1. Remove loose rust from repair area.
  2. Clean repair area with rubbing alcohol and let dry.
  3. Shake bottle well before using.
  4. Apply ReRACK to repair area, overlapping the existing finish.
  5. For best results, apply multiple coats and let dry 30 minutes between coats.
  6. Allow overnight drying before use.


  • Heat and water resistant
  • Does not peel or pop off during high water pressure washes
  • Bonds to most pre-coated vinyl wire racks including: shower caddies, wire closet and shoe organizers, and draining racks.

Application Options

ReRACK is ideal for touching up rusted and damaged dishwasher racks and eliminating the transfer of rust onto dishes.


White is available in 1 oz. brush-in-cap carded.

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When ReRACK is completely dry, is it harmless?


Yes, ReRACK is nontoxic once completely dry.

What is the dry time for the ReRACK product?


ReRACK dries to the touch in 30-40 minutes. Wait 30-40 minutes in between coats. Allow 24 hours to completely cure.

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