Jason Brozak: Using Plasti Dip to Create Stunning Custom Cars

Jason Brozak: Using Plasti Dip to Create Stunning Custom Cars

Since an early age, Jazon Brozak has been a car enthusiast with a particular affinity for the iconic Ford Mustang. In adulthood, Jason’s hobby grew into an obsession for creating custom car liveries, which eventually became his full-time occupation. Continue reading to learn how Jason brings his artistic visions to life using Plasti Dip.


How Jason Brozak Uses Plasti Dip to Customize Cars

Custom paint jobs for cars are permanent and expensive. If the vehicle owner decides they don’t like the look of their car a few years down the line, getting a new custom paint job could cost a small fortune. Vinyl wrapping was the original solution for car enthusiasts who wanted to customize their vehicles with a style they could change. However, while cheaper than custom body paint, vinyl wraps can still be frustratingly challenging to remove from a car.


Jason Brozak found that spray-on coatings from Plasti Dip work far better for temporarily customizing a car’s livery. By contrast to other customization options, Plasti Dip is remarkably easy to use and – of equal importance – it’s easy to remove when the vehicle owner wants to change the look of their prized car again. Jason regularly uses Plasti Dip to alter the appearance of his 2015 Ford Mustang GT. Currently, Jason’s Mustang is customized as an homage to late Hoonigan rally driver Ken Block, who passed away in January 2023. As a tribute to Ken, Jason plans to keep his current livery through the end of the year.


While Jason started off customizing the appearance of his own cars using Plasti Dip, he’s since founded his own custom auto dipping shop, Just the Dipz. This allows Jason to work full-time on what he loves most: bringing his creative visions for car customization to his customers. Thanks to the convenience of Plasti Dip, Jason can peel off a car’s dip in just a few hours and create a bold new design in a few days.


Interested in Dipping Your Car?

If Jason Brozak’s custom car liveries have inspired you to try your hand at dipping your own car, make sure you use the right products for the job. Browse the full line of Plasti Dip products or give us a call to learn more!