Plasti Dip Applications for Tools

Would the quality of your work increase with rubber tool dip coating?

Many advanced capabilities come with using Plasti Dip for tool applications. Some of your most used equipment, such as hammers, screwdrivers, and paint brushes, can be enhanced with a superior grip, improved comfort, and additional protection. It’s now easier than ever to add a personal touch while guarding against paint solvents, moisture, and other sources of corrosion.


Here are a few examples of how you can utilize Plasti Dip’s products:


Elite Rubber Coatings for Tools

The rubberized texture of Plasti Dip coatings ensures a firm handle, reducing slippage and improving control while working. This is especially valuable when a strong grip is crucial in construction, woodworking or DIY projects. You can enjoy a protective barrier on your tools that guard against scratches, dings, and damage to the handles of any tools.


With more precise tools such as pliers, Plasti Dip coatings bring added comfort and a more ergonomic and enjoyable working experience. The soft, cushioned texture from Plasti Dip will reduce hand fatigue, allowing for a new level of handling and reducing the risk of injury. Plasti Dip tool applications are perfect for any work you need, including electrical, automotive, or household repair tasks.  Along with a comfortable coating, Plasti Dip offers great insulation against electrical shock. With Plasti Dip, your tools become more than just tools; they become reliable companions that empower you to achieve outstanding results with a custom appearance.

Best-in-Class Tool Applications

Our rubber tool coatings offer a fantastic solution that improves workmanship and extends the lifetime of your most essential tools. Connect with Plasti Dip today to experience the difference our products can make for you!

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