Rugs & Carpeting

Non-Skid Spray Coating for Rugs & Carpeting

Would you like to prevent slipping on rugs and carpeting with a specialized spray coating?


Plasti Dip’s Super Grip product offers an innovative solution to enhance the stability and safety of rugs and carpeting in homes and other spaces. This versatile rubber coating provides an effective way to prevent slipping, sliding, and bunching, ensuring that floor coverings stay securely in place.

Prevents Slips & Skids With Super Grip

Plasti Dip’s Super Grip forms a strong bond with many surfaces, creating a reliable and non-slip foundation for rugs and carpeting. This is particularly beneficial in high-traffic areas or places where rugs are prone to shifting, such as hallways and entryways. The application of Super Grip provides a secure footing, reducing the risk of accidents caused by slipping or tripping on loose carpets.


Plasti Dip’s Super Grip comes in an easy-to-use aerosol spray can, allowing for quick and even coverage. It can be applied evenly across the back of a rug or carpet, and it dries to form a durable and resilient rubberized coating. Unlike traditional rug pads or adhesives, Super Grip leaves no unsightly residue on the floor or the rug.


In addition to preventing slipping, Super Grip provides a cushioning effect. This can be particularly beneficial for thinner rugs or carpets, adding a layer of comfort underfoot.

Plasti Dip Keeps Rugs From Shifting

Super Grip’s strong adhesive properties, easy application, and additional cushioning make it a practical choice for preventing rugs and carpets from slipping and skidding. Give Plasti Dip a call today if you’d like to use our products to keep your carpeting and rugs from shifting!