Electrical Wiring

Rubberized Coating for Electrical Wiring

Plasti Dip’s Liquid Tape is a game-changer for insulating electrical wiring and safeguarding connections. This innovative product provides a flexible, rubberized coating that effectively seals and insulates exposed wires, protecting them from moisture, corrosion, and other environmental hazards.

Rubber Coating for Electrical Wiring Insulation

Plasti Dip’s Liquid Tape is able to create a seamless, moisture-resistant barrier in electrical wiring applications. When applied to electrical connections and exposed wires, the liquid transforms into a durable, rubber-like coating upon drying. This impermeable layer guards against water ingress, preventing potential short circuits and corrosion that could compromise the integrity of the electrical system.


This product comes in a convenient brush-on formula along with a 6 oz. aerosol can, allowing for the coating to be applied precisely to the desired areas. Its self-leveling properties create a smooth and even covering, eliminating the need for complex techniques or additional tools. This makes it an accessible choice for both DIY enthusiasts and professionals working on electrical projects.


Plasti Dip’s Liquid Tape also proves beneficial in situations where flexibility is crucial. The rubberized coating is both electrically insulating and pliable, allowing it to move with the wires and connections without cracking or peeling. This flexibility ensures a long-lasting seal that adapts to the dynamic conditions often encountered in electrical systems.

Shield Your Electrical Wires With Plasti Dip

Liquid Tape’s moisture-resistant properties, ease of application, and flexibility make it a go-to product for anyone seeking to enhance the durability and safety of electrical wiring. Contact Plasti Dip today if you’re interested in using our rubber coating for electrical wiring applications!