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Leather Seat Applications for Plasti Dip

Would the seats in your vehicle benefit from vinyl leather repair?


If you want to repair and restore your leather seats, look no further than Plasti Dip’s vinyl leather repair products for the finest results. Our Vinyl Leather Repair (VLP) offers the most reliable solution to repair leather seat damage, including small cracks, small tears and punctures. You can enjoy top-grade results for repaired leather or vinyl seats that are beautiful and like-new.

Five-Star Leather Seat Rubber Coatings


Plasti Dip’s VLP is suitable for a wide range of leather surfaces, including car seats, furniture, and accessories. Whether your leather or vinyl seats have minor cracks or tears, VLP offers a durable and flexible solution that effectively restores the appearance and comfort of your seats. With its superior adhesion and ability to blend and melds seamlessly, VLP ensures a long-lasting repair that surpasses expectations.

Plasti Dip’s VLP is designed with user convenience in mind. The application process is straightforward, making it accessible to both professionals and DIY enthusiasts. Whether you need to repair cracks in your car’s leather seats or restore the beauty of a cherished leather armchair, VLP offers versatility in its application. Its easy-to-use formula allows for precise application, ensuring seamless integration with the existing leather or vinyl. Choose Plasti Dip’s VLP for professional-quality leather seat repair, restoration, and long-lasting protection. 

Industry-Leading Leather and Vinyl Seat Repair

Plasti Dip products, including VLP, are available for purchase today, ensuring you have easy access to the highest quality repair and restoration solutions for your leather seats. Reach out to Plasti Dip today to restore the beauty of your leather or vinyl seats!

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