Rubberized Spray & Dip Coating - Glassware

Rubberized Spray & Dip Coating for Glassware

Would your glassware projects benefit from rubber spray coating?


Decorating glassware can add a personal touch to your home or allow you to make a thoughtful, handcrafted gift. The transparency of glass presents an opportunity for striking visual effects, and Plasti Dip offers a unique range of semi-transparent and opaque colors that can be combined and layered to create exquisite designs.

Best Flexible Rubber Glassware Coatings

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Plasti Dip products, known for their high-quality coatings, sealants, and adhesives, are exceptional tools for glassware decoration. With the ability to adhere to glass, these flexible rubber sealants provide a durable and resilient finish that is resistant to the wear and tear associated with daily use. Whether you’re a seasoned artist or just starting your crafting journey, our rubberized sprays make the glassware customization process accessible and enjoyable. 

From wine glasses to candle holders, vases to decorative bowls, Plasti Dip offers the perfect solution for DIY enthusiasts seeking to refurbish their glass items. Whether you’re enhancing your home, gifting a unique creation, branding your business, or facilitating artistic exploration, our rubber coatings are an invaluable resource for glassware projects. Plasti Dip opens up a world of possibilities for creative expression, appealing to artists and hobbyists of all skill levels working on glassware projects large and small.

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